Line-up and Time for AES Panel on Corporate Governmentality

The American Ethnological Society has released the schedule for its upcoming annual meeting. I am pleased to share the line-up and time (no locations yet, unfortunately):

Session 3, 1:00-2:45 PM, Friday, 3/31/2017

Corporate Governmentality: Nation-Corporations, NGO-Corporations, and Other Emergent Subjectifying Corporate Forms
Chair: Marissa J. Smith (De Anza College)

1) “It’s not possible that no one will take care”: State-Corporate Responsibility and Morality in the Mining-Based Displacement of Kiruna, Sweden
Elisa Maria Lopez (Uppsala University)

2) Judicial Capacities and Corporate Enactments
Suzana Sawyer (University of California, Davis)

3) Creating Morality in Social Compliance Auditing Practices. Turkey’s ready-to-wear sector, illegalized Syrian Workers and Corporate Morality
Deniz Seebacher (University of Sussex)

4) Participatory and Provisioning Corporation, Excluding and Excising State: The Erdenet Mining Corporation as National Political Form
Marissa J. Smith (De Anza College)

Discussant: Elana Shever


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