Recording of my talk on Mongolia + COVID @ GWU & Berkeley

Mongolia’s response has been marked by extremely tight border controls. The country is free from community spread, thanks to hard work and resources put into quarantine and isolation measures for those entering the country. However, challenges remain in balancing this closed-borders approach as many Mongolians are raising the alarm that they are effectively stranded outside of the country, experiencing extreme impacts to their sources of livelihood. Furthermore, there are concerns for Mongolia’s economic outlook as it is heavily dependent on exports, and progress on a major international mining project has stalled.

ACMS Virtual Speaker Series

In June I gave a talk about my ongoing research into the management of pastoral production through livestock insurance and other development aid programs. With Narantsogt Baatarkhuu, I am also organizing and moderating a series of panel presentations for the Speaker Series, I will post here as the recordings come online!

New Article

My new article, “Power of the People’s Parties,” has been published open-access by The Journal of Eurasian Studies.

It is on the relationship between regionalization and post-imperial entanglements, industrial mining and parliamentary politics, in Mongolia.

Contributing to Mongolia Focus

I’ve neglected to share my recent posts on the Mongolia Focus blog, where I have been invited to regularly contribute.…